WAD 2011

Web Application Development

Objectives :

  • To understand the basic principles of Web Application Development and to the related architectures
  • To get some basic knowledge on Component Based Software Development
  • To get competencies on Java based technologies related to Web application development and on Web Framework
  • To experiment problems related to Web application deployment and performance in Cloud based environments


1 - Introduction on Web application development

2 - Introduction to Servlet and JSP

3 - Introduction to JSF

Source code



We will use NetBeans 6.7 as an IDE, Glassfish v2 as a Web Server and Derby as a Relational Database


A series on JSF 1.2

JSF Resources

A lot of resources on JSF

Web Frameworks

GWT Tutorial



Load Generator and performance metering

Project Assignement

The goal of the project will be to implement a small web application using a Web Framework. A presentation of the result and of its realisation within a specific framework will be done at the end. The application will be deployed in a Cloud infrastructure and its behavior under different kind of load will be evaluated

The goal of the application is to allow users to manage and share lists. ListGeeks is an example of such a service.


  • Create a user account/Manage the user profile/Allow to link the profile to an oauth service like facebook or google.
  • Create a private list. A list is an ordered set of value. It can be used to store and order list about anything.
  • Add items to the list.
  • Change the order of the items in the list
  • Give access to the list to other users
  • Give rights to update the list to other users
  • Remove items from the list
  • Revoke users access to the list
  • Vote for the list
  • Post the list to Twitter

You will provide a REST Api for your application.

You will use the database of your choice to store the data

You will deploy your application on a PaaS

<strong style="display:block;margin:12px 0 4px">GIDS 2012: PaaSing a Java EE Application</strong>
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